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Chen Zhang, Esq.                                                    

J.D. Georgetown University Law Center, M.B.A. University of Miami, M.A. Washington University

Mr. Zhang practices corporate, international trade and immigration law in Washington D.C. Mr. Zhang offers legal advice on Sales and Service Contracts, Antidumping & Countervailing Duties, Business Law, Customs, International Collection, International Secured Transaction, International Mergers & Acquisitions, U.S. Telecommunications Law, and Business Immigration law. Among his earlier experiences are top five U.S. law firms of White & Case LLP, Grunfeld Desiderio and Fortune 500 companies such as Sears Roebuck and Co. and W.W. Grainger. Mr. Zhang is licensed in District of Columbia. Mr. Zhang is a member of the ABA Customs Committee, International Trade Committee and American Immigration Lawyer Association.

Mr. Zhang speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese.

Michael J. Trevelline, Esq.

L.L.M. Georgetown University Law Center, J.D.  Louisiana University

Mr. Trevelline is specialized in contract law. He assists client in reviewing investment contacts, asset purchase or stock purchase agreement. Mr. Trevelline is licensed in Louisiana, New York, District of Columbia and Maryland. Mr. Trevelline represents clients in commercial litigations and trials on breach of contract claims, securities arbitration and offers general counsel on business formation, contract and financial matters. 

Mr. Trevelline is fluent in French. 

Rui Li, J.D.

Juris Doctor. Case Western Reserve University

Ms. Li is specialized in international trade and Customs law.  Ms. Li assists clients in reviewing international trade agreement, investment agreement and provide litigation support in international trade disputes.  Ms. Li is highly proficient in international trade remedies such as antidumping duty, countervailing duty and other proceedings.  Ms. Li is expected to be admitted into the State of New York.   Ms. Li is fluent in English and Chinese.

Lawrence Thrower, Esq.

Juris Doctor, Georgia State University

Lawrence Thrower is a knowledgeable attorney with over 12 years of litigation experience. Mr. Thrower is licensed to practice law in State and Federal Courts in Georgia, the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.   Mr. Thrower used to work for The Cochran Firm, D.C. in 2002, where he represented Plaintiffs in serious personal injury matters and civil rights violations.  Since 2006, he represents plaintiffs in serious person injury and negligence claims, represents victims of medical negligence, and plaintiffs whose civil rights have been violated by law enforcement officers.  Mr. Thrower also represents businesses, including non-profit organizations in legal matters such as contract disputes, collection matters and insurance coverage litigation.

Bijan Tadayon, Ph.D., J.D.

Juris Doctor.  Georgetown  University  Law  Center, Ph.D Cornelll University 

Dr. Tadayon has expertise and experience in many diverse technical fields, including artificial intelligence, image recognition, Deep Learning, Digital Rights Management (DRM), encryption, semiconductors, transistors, and software game. He has had more than 80 technical journal publications and presentations and more than 100 pending or issued US and foreign patents in various technical fields. He has also participated in various scientific and technical conference program committees.

He got his Ph.D. degree from Cornell University (related to semiconductors and circuits, with Prof. Lester Eastman). He got his BS degree in Applied & Engineering Physics from Cornell, ranking second in his Class.

He got his law degree from Georgetown Law School. He has given 23 invited technical and IP lectures at the US Patent Office. He was involved in the Patent Office Training Advisory Board and Work Sharing Roundtable at the US Patent Office (USPTO). He is a former Primary Patent Examiner and a former Patent Examiner Trainer at the USPTO.

 Simon Si, Esq.

L.L.M. Indiana University School of Law, Master of Law, Shanghai Marine University

Mr. Si is specialized in International Trade & Customs regulations, particularly in trade regulations related to international movement of merchandise as they cross national borders, such as rules of origins, classifications, valuations, antidumping duty, countervailing duty and other aspects of trade laws.  His practice includes Business Formations, International Trade, Non-profit/Charitable Organizations, Family Law, Real Estate Transactions and Immigration.  Mr. Si has a diverse background in law, having served as an Assistant Professor of Law for a law school in China.  He is a meber of American Bar Association, Virgina Trial Lawyers Association, and Fairfax Bar Association as well as the Virginia State Bar.  Mr. Si is licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
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