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Export Collection
According to statistics by Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Chinese exporters have over $100 billion of uncollected export revenues owed by foreign buyers.  As the sub-prime loan crisis deepens in the U.S., the collection problem becomes increasingly severe to international exporters.  It is critical for exporters to have clear document trails that will be used for evidence during litigation to recover the debts.  It is critical that these sales documents are reviewed by professional attorney of law before they are executed.  International sales of goods rely extensively on mutual trust.  When the financial crisis hit, however, no trust can withstand the lure of not keeping the promise.  When it comes to hundreds of thousands, and even tens of millions of dollars, sufficient and careful documentation makes a huge difference.  Failure to pay can be minimized using financial instruments such as letter of credit, export credit insurance and international secured transactions (Please see our practice in international secured transaction).  However, when default of payment indeed happens without any of these safeguards, we can provide you with the following services.   

We can provide free evaluations of your evidential documents.  After assessing of the merit based on your sales documents, we can take your case on a contingency basis, if we believe that you have a strong case.  Suppose, there is lack of critical evidence, we can also represent you by taking the case on an hourly basis or an combination of hourly and contingency fees.  Through our network of legal professionals throughout the United States, we lower the cost of litigation and provide you with the most efficient result.

All jurisdictions in the United States have statute of limitations.  A statute of limitation is a statutory time period in which a law suit must be brought against the defendant or else the plaintiff is for ever barred from bringing the action.  Please find below a statute of limitation chart detailing the statute of limitations for contract claim in all 50 U.S. jurisdictions.

Debt Collection Statute of Limitation in All 50 United States. 

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